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我总共有75,000美元的储蓄,我想将其投资于一只股票。我对这只股票非常乐观,我’m going to take my money 和 use it to 获得一笔700,000美元,利率为3%的贷款,我也将这笔钱投入了这项投资。这代表了9.3倍的杠杆率,我对此感到非常满意,因为从历史上看,这项投资做得非常好。一世’我将不得不额外花费 每年10,000美元的费用,但我认为这项投资值得。


If 您 think borrowing 10x 您r money to invest in a single stock is insane, 您’re right.


但它’正是在艾伯塔省卡尔加里买房的东西。 If someone told 您 they wanted to borrow 10x their money to dump nearly a million dollars into a single stock, 您’d认为他们正在要求破产。它没有’t matter if 那 stock is Apple or General Electric, being “all-in” with 您r money + the bank’单笔投资是愚蠢的。 然而,我们一直在做房屋。

I’我已经熟悉我的城市的房价,因此对他们不敏感。 我认为永久性居所的大多数房屋成本约为100万美元。当我在附近找到房子时 房地产经纪人 在一个我喜欢的标价为850,000美元的社区中,我迅速向我的准丈夫开了一封电子邮件。“Look at this one!” I coo, “At only $850K, it’s 这么偷. Maybe we should go to the open house?”

Living in a city with outrageous house prices does wacky things to 您r brain. The numbers become normalized to the point 那 您 can no longer process them rationally. If a mortgage affordability calculator tells 您 那 您 can afford a $1.2 million dollar home, 您’ll prudently set 您r search criteria at a max of $900,000.

“I’m so frugal,” 您 think, “I’我搜寻的价格比我的最高购买价低25%,’ll never be house poor like those idiots 那 buy the maximum they can afford”.

When 您 see a house priced at $700,000 or $800,000, 您 feel like 您r bargain-bin shopping. What’s more, when it appears to 需要 any sort of work from appliance update in the kitchen to landscaping of the front yard, 您 think, “that’s ok, 那’s why it’的价格太低了。明年我们肯定可以升级”. When 您 wade into the $600,000 homes 和 they look like condemned haunted houses, 您 can’t help but feel even more secure in 您r decision.


It’我花了几个赛季的《房屋猎人》,才真正真正掌握了北美其他地区的情况,这并非如此。一世’ve seen people buy 4 bedrom, 2,500 sq ft homes for $250,000 和 complain 那 it’s at the upper end of 您r budget. In some states people set budgets of $150,000 和 have the nerve to whine 那 their realtor hasn’t shown them anything with a double-sinks in the master bath. In Calgary, $150,000 will get 您 a mobile home.


在个人理财领域,拥有房屋是圣杯。没有什么比这迷人的带有车库的简易别墅更能说明他们的财务状况了。“I won’不要把钱扔掉!”, they exclaim, “You can either pay 您r mortgage or 您r landlord’s!”


在房地产市场过热的情况下,租金始终是明智的财务决策。在像我这样的城市 租金比买便宜得多,但很少有人会实际算出数学。

The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom downtown condo my fiancé 和 I currently occupy would retail for about $435,000. If 您 put 20% down (that’s $87,000), 您’最终将以2.69%的利率支付1,592美元的抵押贷款。


计算完成 RateHub.ca

有了地下加热停车场和其他便利设施(老实说,我们有一个很棒的公寓板),公寓费用可能约为$ 500,甚至可能更多。 Add in property taxes 和 您’每月支付$ 2,250 +来住在这里。我们的租金仅为$ 1,750 / mo。

我们每月将多余的$ 500用于储蓄和投资。我们的$ 87,000首付款’倒入房屋正在收集我们帐户中的利息和股息。我们’重新坐在上面等待。

以5%的投资率投资$ 87,000,每月供款$ 500,仅在一年内将增长到近$ 98,000— a gain of $11,000.

In 1 year of home ownership, with $87,000 down 和 a $1,592 mortgage payment, 您 will have paid down only $9,916 of the principal (and 9,188利息 抵押!)。

If the value of 您r home decreases even 1%, 您’re even worse off. 是的,卡尔加里的房价正在下降。 More on 那 later.

我们的房东完全拥有此财产。他们在10多年前就以较低的价格购买了它。现在它’对他们来说是纯收入的财产,这很酷。除了财产税和公寓费不断上涨(但客气地没有增加我们的租金)。 It’如果他们现在卖的话,这是一个很好的玩法,但是他们没有’t。我们刚签了一份租约。


德意志银行表示,加拿大的房地产市场与 高估60%,但大多数加拿大人不’不要拉屎,因为他们不’t know what the Deutsche Bank is or why 那 assessment matters. Closer to home the Bank of Canada says the housing market is only a modest 20% overvalued, but everyone plugs their ears 和 la-la-las when this is said too.

关于公寓,加拿大’走向供过于求,这几乎是没人意识到的另一件事。警告词主要针对以下城市 多伦多 和蒙特利尔,但总体而言’s 公寓过度建设 全国各地。

此外, 加拿大人喜欢债务。艾伯塔人最喜欢债务,他们’ve借了一大笔钱在Stampede City买了他们的梦想家园。

但是那里’s more than 那. Most prime property is still recovering from the 2013年洪水,这损坏了卡尔加里的大量财产’s core. And for the past year, oil has been falling. Maybe 那 doesn’t mean much to 您, except bewilderment 那 the price of gas doesn’紧随其后,但石油是卡尔加里’的命脉。由于价格暴跌,’s been 大量裁员。然后再裁员。这个数字比文件中的数字还要糟糕,因为这些数字只记录了全职雇员的解雇情况,但是有成千上万的承包商只是简单地签订了合同。’t renewed. They have mortgage payments, too. Mortgage payments 那 they will still have to meet, even jobless 和 without income.

卡尔加里的房价只有 略蘸 以应对市场下跌。也许大家’拒绝。也许大家’他们收集时仍然举起 失业保险, but things will probably get ugly when 那 runs out. Uglier still when all the debt they’ve也被最大化。或者可能不是。也许我们’我会继续养育加拿大的梦想,通过买进来实现这一梦想。


If 您 tell everyone 那 home ownership is a milestone, 那 it’s a financially sound decision, 那 it’s worth stretching 您rself thin, they’ll buy in. And 那 will keep prices high. 但是那里 is a limit. We don’认为有,但有。 房价不可能永远上涨, 和 the truth we must all accept is 那 主要的收获已经发生。我们的父母从房地产中获利,而不是我们。所以’s no wonder 您r mom & dad are trying to help 您 buy 您r first home: they think it’s the best investment 您’ll ever make. It’s probably not.

现在,我’m a happy rich renter.

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  • 相比之下,东部地区的价格是西部地区的很大一部分– prices are still significantly overvalued. However, almost everyone in my circle has this magical belief 那 home ownership is the be all to end all. I’我不确定购房热潮会给任何人带来什么。我明白不付钱给别人的价值’s mortgage 和 wanting to invest 您r money in an asset. I also understand wanting to get value for 您r money. I don’不想为几乎没有空间而支付近50万美元。我不’t feel renting is a “waste” of money which so many people I know feel. I like the freedom 那 comes with renting 和 knowing 那 if something is up, the property manager/landlord can deal with it. I’d宁愿不买,而最终与M一起搬回&D是因为我将所有的钱都投入到单一资产上,却浪费了很多时间。

    • 100% agree. Our building is damaged from the 2013年洪水 here, 和 那’这只是我喜欢租用该物业而不是拥有它的众多原因之一= \我在乎我们的露台是否’不能作为房客正常关闭?不。我愿意作为房主吗?当然好。

  • Wow, sounds like Canadian city housing prices are way overvalued! I think 您’re very prudent to not buy now, especially given 那 (1) PITI + HOA are far exceeding rents 和 (2) the expected trajectory of housing market pop. Not to mention since rates reset on Canadian loans anyway (as opposed to the US where 您 can get a 30-year-fixed) 您 aren’(尽可能多)与在较低的利率下购买房屋有关。

    Also 您 have a great deal on rent! That sort of place in my city–类似的位置和设施–仅以较高的房屋估值(44%),租金将多花费128%。

    One caveat: Though I would say 您 are right 那 one should never look at their house as an investment, or at least an appreciating asset, I think it is important to note 那 it is the one 和 only place 那 average people are really effectively able to use leverage 和 overall is one of the best ways for wealth accumulation 和 transfer for Joe Schmoe.

  • 天哪,这太疯狂了!老实说,我对阿尔伯塔省卡尔加里的住房市场没有完全掌握,但是’阅读您的简介非常有趣&评论。说到我住在一个城市,说实话,300,000美元可以为您购买巨大的平方英尺(双洗手盆,更新的厨房,巨大的后院等),我必须内raise地举手。在您的住房市场上,600,000美元将是破旧的财产吗?哇我肯定会说继续租房,并尽可能地租出去!我的意思是只为首付节省$ 100,000至$ 200,000的想法…I can’不会想到许多有能力负担和/或愿意实现这一目标的人。我们在这里的一个市场中,租金实际上比购买要贵(如果您正确地进行了计算并且没有因住房不足而过度扩张,–永远不要购买您完全具备资格的产品,因为’简直太疯狂了!)。我的未婚夫&我想购买(我今天才发布有关此内容的信息,因为我们的房东卖得太快了!),但是我们’再说到我们可以出售大部分家具的地步(目前租用一间三居室,面积超过1200平方英尺),并在市中心租一间公寓,在那里我们可以体验便利设施,到处走走,并为购房做充分准备。有许多决定和选择!它’很好,您可以全面掌握自己的市场并了解专家& cons!

    • Here in Vancouver, 和 this is no exagerration, $1m buys 您 a tear-down. The average detached price is $2.4m.

    • 作者对她的房屋有点挑剔’的显示。 50万在卡尔加里一个漂亮的郊区买了很多房子。她的房子’所显示的可能是在北美最繁荣,收入最高的城市之一的腰围地区。不说房价’t high but let’请检查一下,卡尔加里当然不是温哥华或多伦多(谢天谢地!)

      • 但是我永远都不想住在郊区。这样做会大大增加我的通勤时间,我们必须再买一辆汽车(+ $ 500 / mo),然后我的未婚夫&我将不得不支付上班停车的费用(+ $ 500)


        • The problem with this 文章 is 那 您 aren’t comparing apples to apples. 您 talk about buying a detached house, 和 renting a condo. 您r rent is an anomoly, so 您 should be comparing current average rent vs purchase of a similar unit.
          但是买房就像买股票– predicting when it will rise/fall is very difficult. If Saudi Arabia had continued the manipulation of the market, Calgary prices would have continued their climb. Hindsight is always 20/20. And 那’s why I think it’s more important to make a property purchase based on what 您r 需要s 和 lifestyle are.

          • 嗨艾琳,

            As outlined in the 文章, we rent a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo 那 would cost approximately $435,000 to buy which would translate to ~$2,250 in monthly costs. We pay $1,750/mo in rent. We could purchase a condo exactly like the one we’re renting, except 那 doing so would drastically change our finances. We would have $87,000 那’不再增长并在市场上产生被动收入,我们将不得不额外增加500美元/月的住房成本,而不是长期投资,而我们将面临诸如增加公寓费和房屋维护成本的问题。除非房地产市场好转,否则我们将在财务上迅速落后。

            Buying a home is nothing like buying stocks. 我可以 put any amount into stocks — as little as buying 1 share of any company if I chose. With $100,000 我可以 invest in dozens of companies 那 pay monthly or quarterly dividends 和 will grow with capital gains. When 您 buy a house 您 invest tens of thousands of dollars, 和 then take out a six-figure loan to invest even more, in a single asset. 投资ing broadly in the stock market is far less risky than buying a home, 和 您 begin to see a return on 您r investment much sooner.

  • 多么伟大的文章。我知道了。我们租房子的成本是抵押贷款的一半。没有人得到它。他们想要大量抵押贷款,而不要’相信利率会上升。是的,对。

    • 同意我讨厌这个低利率的环境’使所有人陷入一种虚假的安全感。希望加息时房价会受到打击… 那 combined with demographic changes (baby boomers downsizing), over-supply, restrictions on foreign investment, etc maybe they’甚至会跌落到合理的水平。

  • this calculator will re-enforce 您r decision to rent

  • 很好的分析。一世’m位于多伦多,所以我也觉得这篇文章很酷:



  • 这对我来说真的很有趣,因为在安大略省北部,’基本上相反。租金要比(合理/现实)抵押高得多!

    将房屋的平均成本(我居住的房屋约为205,000美元)插入相同的ratehub计算器,意味着抵押贷款为734-903美元/月。一居室公寓的租金约为每月800美元; 3间卧室超过1500美元。

    显然还有其他因素需要考虑,但我知道我们“通过租来扔掉我们的钱。”如果只有我们可以节省首付款! (也许对我来说是一份真正的工作?)

    • If 您 plan to buy a house, 您 have to calculate some extra cost, like keeping 您r house in good shape, tax, unplanned repairs, etc. I think 您 just made a wise decision, by opting to invest 您r oney on something 您 feel confidendt with

  • Great post! If we had continued to live downtown, renting is by far cheaper then owning 您r home/condo. What we pay in the burbs (eastern Ontario)is probably equal to renting here or maybe a bit more expensive however; we have no plans on moving anytime soon. I am not delusional in thinking 那 our decision to buy does not come without all the cons listed above but since it was equal to renting out here it was best for us 和 worth the risk. We are aggressively paying down our mortgage for when (cause we all know 那 WILL happen) the interest rates increase. I think if we lived in Calgary I would feel the same way.

  • I like this post, despite being a buyer last year in a similarly expensive market. For US folks, the NYT has a great interactive rent/buy calculator 那 helps with the math.

  • 所有那些拥有6位数蓝领O的人&G事业抬高了所有房价ðŸ™,’s scary when a city’经济主要由一个行业支撑。我绝对不会’不想现在就在那里买。

  • Thank 您 for this 文章! My boyfriend 和 I have a house in mind in the next couple of years 和 every time we look at real estate, I want to give up 和 move home to Sask (although the market is quickly becoming inflated there too). I’m glad I’我不是唯一一个环顾卡尔加里的人,感觉好像有疯狂的人掌管着市场。我们的2年计划正在迅速转变为“我们可以在我们的小排屋中抚养孩子吗?”。如果事情不对我有感觉’开始回到地下,我们’我必须搬到一个小镇才能买房。

  • I live in Calgary 和 although I do agree 那 it’由于这里的房价过高,石油裁员和房价缓慢下跌,现在有很多交易可寻。我的朋友刚刚卖出了他们的3卧室2浴室入门房– 1500 sq ft – in the nice SW area for $325k. When we were looking for a place a couple years back, 您 couldn’找不到32.5万美元可远程居住的东西,所以我’d说校正已经开始。

    希望不是’自从我们去年以27万美元购买公寓以来,实际上被高估了60%– even though we didn’买它作为投资,只是一个居住的好地方 – but at least we were one of the very very few who saw 那 rates were going to go up eventually 和 locked in for 10 years at 2.89%. 9 More years of peace 和 quiet before we have to think about higher rates, should be mostly paid off by then I hope

  • Holy shit, 您 could literally buy 10 of my houses for less than $700k. I see a lot of people say 那 renting is better than buying, 和 now I understand why (and why I’ve always disagreed). The houses 那 您 pictured would probably retail for something around $30K in my city, maybe less.

  • 强制租金与购买的链接.


  • 头像
    罗伯特·弗朗兹(Robert Franzese)

    I agree with everything 您 say. The market is insane right now. What I would say though is 那 the money 您 have in stocks, I hope its a small weighting in Canadian stocks. When the housing bubble pops it will surely take down the market with it. 投资 more in the US.

  • Would 您 recommend buying once 您 can pay almost all of the house price in cash 和 pay very little interest? Or do 您 still think it is better to rent?

    • It’s all a matter of whether or not 您 feel 您’re getting value for 您r money. Right now, I feel like we’作为房客而不是房主,我们的钱能够获得更高的价值,但这种情况将来可能会改变,我们的首付金额只是一个因素。

      Even if 您 buy a $500,000 house in cash, it’s not the same as putting $500,000 in stocks. For example, if 您r stock portfolio is paying 5% in dividends per year, $500,000 will generate $25,000 in passive income — 那’数量可观’s even more than our rent right now. Would it be better to own 和 have no mortgage payment? Or better to rent 和 use passive income to pay the mortgage? In both scenarios 您’基本上不享受直接的自付费用。

      I definitely feel more comfortable putting more money down because 那 reduces risk of carrying such a big debt. However, I’d如果我以80万美元的价格买了一套房子,然后在一年后跌至70万美元,无论我放下多少钱,我仍然不高兴。

      It’确实是等待并权衡货币和非货币成本的问题& risks… because there are a lot of benefits to home ownership 那 have nothing to do with cash, namely the emotional significance of creating a home for 您r family 和 feeling 那 the space is “yours”. I’在我做出决定之前,我等着看利率,房价,人口统计以及我们个人情况的变化。

      More cash is definitely good, but regardless a home is not always the best place for 那 cash..

      • Where are 您 getting 5% in stocks. I have a house fully paid for (worth $500K) 和 would like to sell 和 downsize to travel, but where to put the money??? With a diversified ETF 我可以 only get 2-3% BEFORE fees. Every rental property in my area (Kelowna), commercial or residential, has a cap rate of less than 4%…

        • I’自从我开始投资以来,我的投资组合就取得了两位数的回报。 5%是相当适中的,代表包括较低盈利年份的平均值。

          If 您 have an ETF 那 provides a 2-3% dividend, 您 only 需要 to see 2-3% in capital gains to make up the difference. 5% is very small.

  • 这在温哥华市当然是适用的,温哥华市长的所在地是开发商伙伴,那里有大量的公寓,现在这里已成为腐败的外国投资者将资金存放在房地产中的地方。政府没有 ’t keep stats on foreign ownership becuase they know it would not paint a pretty picture. Vancouver has very few head offices 和 once 您 take construction 和 real estate out of the picture, the economy is not very strong. A bubble about to burst…

  • 布里奇特(Bridget),有趣的帖子,但有几点。

    1. If 您 are 规划 on buying in one year 您 shouldn’t have any of 您 首付 in equities, which 您 would 需要 to do to have an expected return of 5%. So 您r 5% return on 您r $87k is not realistic, more like 1%, before tax. Equities are great for a 5-7 year time horizon, but not less.

    2. Fine to rent, but 您 must be disciplined to save 和 invest properly for 25 years, so when those who have bought, paid of their mortgage, so therefore no longer have mortgage payments, 您 have enough income from 您r investments to cover the rent. Unfortunately, many people do not invest promptly, so are better off having the forced savings plan of a mortgage to help them out.

    • 嗨格兰特,

      We’re not “计划一年内购买”. We’re 规划 to buy when we can get the best value for our money. That might be next year, it might be 5 years from now, it might be never. I’同时我不担心我的资产分配。

      同样,我’我不担心纪律不足以进行储蓄和投资的人,抵押贷款是他们唯一可靠的储蓄工具。该网站不是’t for those people. Those people can enjoy being house poor for decades 和 then have the bulk of their net worth tied up in their primary residence for the rest of their lives. This website is for people 那 are smarter with their money.

      • 这个。同样我’m “planning” on buying in ~5 years after the crash, but there is nothing strict about 那 timeframe. If stocks are down, 我可以 just wait for a recovery. If renting continues to be cheaper, 我可以 continue to rent. Or if I really get a hankering to move 和 stocks are down, 我可以 just eat the loss or put less down —在这里,市场风险不会转化为灾难性的生命风险。没有理由不投资,我’直到我知道我可能会把我的资金投入’到购买前几个月。所以我’在“租金与购买”分析中,我们将继续使用体面的股权加权收益率。

        • Housing correction will possibly coincide with a broader market correction (whether 那’s limited to Canada or more broadly). If 您 have to dip into equity holdings to finance a proper downpayment (20%), it seems like dangerous territory to me.

          我为此感到挣扎,而且我已经够老了’租期超过5年。所以我’ve gone pretty equity heavy in my defined contribution pension for retirement (85%), but things are lighter in my deposit fund so 那 I don’如果突然有一天我发现自己要买,那将是一个短缺。

          • 当我’我已经提到过,我无意很快购买,所以我不’真的考虑我目前持有的股份“down payment”。我们有大量现金储蓄,但我’m not about to leave $100,000+ sitting in cash if I have no intention of buying a house any time soon. We will continue to add to our cash reserves, as well as our equity holdings, 和 when/if we do choose to buy a home, we will determine what investment vehicles we want to use to do so at 那 time.

  • Wow, I keep forgetting how out of control expensive homes are in Calgary right now. I completely agree with 您r analysis 和 decision. Oh, 和 I love 那 Rob Carrick mentioned 您r mild profanity usage in his column 🙂

  • 我们住在马萨诸塞州波士顿市郊,价格几乎和您所在的地区一样可笑。我们’ve started looking at a town further north of Boston because we both work in 那 town 和 they have excellent schools. BUT. Oh god the prices. So many of the houses are in the $600-700k range. Then 您 see one for $400k 和 it seems like a miracle…但是然后您查看开放式房屋,就可以知道为什么’s “such a steal”. We’我已经节省了很多年的首付款,但是老实说,我要搬家的最大原因是不必在冬天应付停车情况。我想要一个车库!和一条车道!是的,离工作更近会很好。我想我们可以去城镇里租房’目前正在寻找。但是就像你说的,每个人都继续“you’re throwing 您r money away” attitude which, as 您 point out, is not really the case. Thanks for this excellent post!

  • Great summary with lots of supporting numbers 和 commentary. For years we have been brainwashed to buy a house 和 not to throw money away. Sometimes it makes sense to buy sometimes it does not. Sometimes the money equation works out to buy. Sometimes it does for personal reasons 和 sometimes to get more space in the neighbourhood 您 want.

    I like the analogy of the stock but it leaves out the fact 那 您 需要 somewhere to live. We have moved a lot 和 bought 4 houses along the way. 2 worked out OK financially 和 the other 2 were about break even. We never did hit the timing right on. Some people have done really well with 那…不仅是我们的父母,而且当市场恶化时,他们都在适当的时候买了,现在正在收获回报。当时多伦多是1997年–2003年,以及2008-9年软化之后。

    In the overheated markets 您 are talking about, the music will likely stop some day though we have been saying 那 about Vancouver for 15 years. People 需要 to be aware 那 there is a possible downside 和 那 the next time to buy if 您 需要 to is after a correction. Just like a stock.


  • For someone offering financial advice to the masses I find it worrisome 那 您 don’似乎能够区分房价和土地价值。列出的那些物业仅被列为土地价值,这意味着有人将其拆毁并重新开始的机会,’t meant to be a home for someone. However I feel 您 must have already known this, since 您 do seem somewhat intelligent, which leads me to my conclusion 那 您 are simply misleading people in order to reinforce the point 您 want to make. Shame on 您.

    • 大声笑

      对,因为如果有’如果房屋修正值为10%或20%,则这些土地价值将保持不变。隔壁的房屋的零售价将大大降低,但是由于这种价格,这种棚屋的价格将是正确的’s “land value”.

      买方可以将其拆下来重新开始。现在它’s an even worse use of their money. Not only are they paying an outrageous price for property, now they 需要 to dump hundreds of thousands (millions?) into making it liveable, hoping to god they can sell it for profit at the end.

  • 到今年年底,我将向美国和国际股票基金和债券投资30万美元,几乎没有债务。

    I still rent. People make fun of me but I am not buying until 我可以 almost pat cash. I reinvest my investment gains 和 income.



    • “如果我丢了工作,我可以活很多年。”


      大多数人可以’t grasp this. 您 can’t eat 您r house. 您 can’t sell it off piecemeal to pay 您r bills. 您 can with stocks.


      • 房租最糟糕的部分是与房东打交道,房东要求看房租存根,并在有机会的情况下设法增加我的房租。他们认为,因为我有健康的收入,他们可以尝试从我身上脱脂。

  • 头像
    2015年7月3日2:38 pm

    Regarding the $600,000 homes depicted in the 文章. Yes, if 您 want to buy in some established downtown central location 您 may only find a crapshack for 那 price. 但是那里 are many lovely homes available a little outside of the downtown core for 那 price or less. And if one wants to go the route of a condo, 您 can still find perfectly decent 2 bedroom condo apartments outside of the downtown core for about $200,000. (I live in Varsity, a popular area by the university, 和 there are presently several starter condos available near me in 那 $200,000 price range.)

    • 嗨,戴夫,

      虽然我了解市中心以外的较低房价的吸引力,但我不知道’不想承担额外的通勤时间&费用。我和未婚夫目前共用一辆车—在他走路上班和我乘坐公共交通工具时,有90%的时间都停在那儿。如果此举需要第二辆车,或者只是意味着我们不得不在一辆车上上下班,然后支付停车费,那么它的财务吸引力就会降低。那里’s no point in saving $500 on housing costs if 您’再增加500美元的额外车辆费用。

      Also, we prefer the downtown urban lifestyle. I spent 2 years at the UofC, 和 it was a pain to get to, even by train which drops 您 off directly on campus. It’在茫茫荒野中,无论是商店,饭店还是酒吧,周围几乎没有生命。我更喜欢住在卡尔加里的步行范围内’最好的餐厅和主要景点’值得支付住房费用。

  • 我同意在加拿大(尤其是在主要城市)买房(购房或公寓)可能是一项昂贵的工作,但是我不愿意这样做’人群中的所有这些谈话都使人们相信,房价将大幅调整,并且’我将在温哥华郊外拥有一所房屋,当我在2007年以50万的价格买下这套房子时,我以为我被多付了,因为这套房子在2001年以34万美元的价格售出(增长了47%) 。我差点哭了,签署了法律文件。好吧’现在是2015年,我的邻居刚刚以128.8万美元的价格出售了自己的房屋。还有你的想法“that’重点!房屋充气过度。” But what If I didn’是否在2007年买入股票并等待房价下跌,就像许多所谓的专家当时在尖叫一样?在过去的8年中,我是否可以节省$ 700k来购买这套相同的房屋?他妈的没有即使房价下跌60%(极不可能)甚至75%,我’d仍然处于黑状态。我知道,在加拿大的某些地区很难实现房屋所有权,但是当您’re renting 那 lovely downtown condo near all the shops 和 您r landlord slips a letter under 您r door to get the fuck out, 您 may wish 您 had the security of owning 您r own home.

    • But 那’事情:我们可以随时购买。那’现金的奢侈。我们的$ 100,000美元将继续增长—在这一点上,比卡尔加里的房价要快。我们可以在明年或从现在起两年内购买,或者永远不买。那’是又名奢华的选择。现金。

      价格会无限期上涨吗?疑。就像我说的’re already down in Calgary (and are still headed 那 way). It’与温哥华不同。郊区蔓延在这里可以永远持续下去,我们’不受海洋的限制。

      您 have paper profits until 您 sell, otherwise it’s just unrealized gains. No, 您 couldn’t save $700K in 8 years, but 您 don’t actually have $700K either. Not until 您 sell. And then when 您 do, if 您 still 需要 a place to live in Vancouver, $700K doesn’t have the same buying power it did 8 years ago, does it? In an ideal world 您 could sell 和 buy something more affordable elsewhere 和 pocket 您r six-figure gains. But if 您’re not selling, or if 您 sell 和 roll 那 win into another property, it’s a sum zero game. 您r gains only exist on paper, not in 您r bank account. 您 would 需要 to sell, 和 likely move, to realize them.

      • 现金可能赚取1.0至1.5%的最高收入。那’小于实际通胀,因此您的现金实际上正在贬值。股票?当然。过去6年中,一只猴子可能在CDN和美国股票指数基金和etf中获得了两位数的回报’s。那些利润呢?出售前所有的纸面收益。出售后,您需要缴税(当然,除非有TFSA)。股市也会永远上涨吗?哈。我了解您的总体观点–为什么要动用这么多钱来购买一项资产。为什么要花那么多钱支付利息。为什么在那里买高价’市场会下滑。但是每个人都需要一个居住的地方。通过租赁而不是购买’重新决定将您的资金用于其他方式。绝大多数CDN的财务状况不佳。他们经常在投资领域损失大量资金。购买房屋实际上可能是他们部署和存储资金的好地方。

        您’re using 您r excess income after paying 您r rent to save 和 invest but 您’re assuming 那 everyone who purchases a home has zero excess income after paying their mortgage payment (or a lot less than renter) but I’自从买房以来,我设法节省了很多钱。

        And 您r point 那 my house is worth squat till I sell? Absolutely true. I bought it as a place to live 和 raise my kids. It’s future value – up or down –从来都不是决策过程的一部分。

  • This is a great 文章, 和 the main point is well received. Considering how imbalanced the market is, just stay smart 和 rent until 您 find something perfect.

    另外,如果我可能从最近读过的另一篇文章中窃取资料,’s not 您r net worth 那 counts, but 您r cash flow. It’表现名义权益非常好,但是’s nicer to have cash in 您r bank account.

    All 那 said, housing 和 mortgages used to provide a target for families, many of which began with little. 您 和 me sweetie, we will buy this house, raise this family, save 和 mend 和 stretch until we own it ourselves 和 our kids will have more opportunity than did we, 和 at the end we will sit on the porch swing basking in golden light.


  • I agree 100% with 您r post. It’s nice to read an 文章 那 mirrors my own feeling. But as 您 know, today most people make 您 feel like a major loser for renting 和 not owning. And to some level it is true, by renting I am assisting another person with their mortgage payment. I am in Calgary, the city has a very mediocre transit system, not much going for it other than oil. 我可以not understand what justifies the ridiculously high real estate pries. 您r pictures of those crumbling hovels 和 their prices says it all; I too am mystified. No matter what seems to happen (collapse in oil price, floods, layoffs, etc) RE prices seem to go only up. Yet people keep buying. Who are these people?? What do they do?? I’ve come to the conclusion 那 with my average job/income I will never be able to afford a property in Canada’的大城市(卡尔加里,温哥华,多伦多)。

  • While 您 can come out ahead by renting, a lot of people won’保存差异。相反,他们’可以在大屏幕电视或度假中播放。

  • Dang expensive Canadian real estate! $100k would mean 您 could buy an entire house for cash here in Nebraska. Of course the jobs pay less so there’s 那… I rent too. I’m happy with it.

  • I agree with 您r conclusion about renting but 您r evidence is mostly incorrect. I live in Calgary 和 follow the real estate 和 rental markets.

    您 have presented a distorted view of prices by only considering the inner-city. The houses 您 posted as examples are priced for the land 和 您r agent would know 那.

    另外,如果“我认为永久性居所的大部分房屋成本约为100万美元” 您 需要 to lower 您r expectations. I recently sold my home (2000 sf, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, quiet street in a nice kid-friendly neighbourhood, close to schools, shopping, 和 restaurants) for under $500,000. High by most American standards but not 多伦多/Vancouver crazy. Yes I commuted 30 minutes but so did half a million other people – it’s just what 您 do for 您r kids.

    By the way, my ROI on 那 house over 13 years was 8% per year before interest, taxes 和 maintenance. I’我敢肯定,拥有BCE和皇家银行的股票可以做得更好,但是那几年我们不得不住在某个地方。

    By the way, 您r rent? Vacancies in Calgary are almost 0%. For Calgary 那 place is a steal. Stay there as long as 您 can.

    • 如果我必须上下班30分钟,我们’d需要第二辆车。那将抵消抵押的任何储蓄。我们’从生活方式,财务和环境角度来看,我们非常致力于只拥有一辆汽车并保持短途通勤(最好是步行)。卡尔加里人沉迷于汽车,并且“needing”车辆在这里非常规范化。我们从不想要开车去上班,也从不希望“need”2辆车可容纳任何东西。
      (我知道大多数人不同意或不同意’不能理解这个观点,但是’s one we have)

      但是,卡尔加里的空缺人数正在攀升,并将随着新公寓单位的增加而继续增加,因为就业市场停滞不前或人数减少,人们离开了城市。先驱报》说,目前的空置率为3.4%,两居室的平均租金为1300美元 http://calgaryherald.com/business/real-estate/vacancy-and-rental-rates-both-rise-in-calgary-apartment-market

      我们的低租金绝对可以帮助我们节省开支。一世’我很想知道未来12个月会发生什么,尽管我’我已经在想’s likely we’ll renew our lease here again (our landlords will probably increase our rent at 那 time!)

      • I appreciate 您r desire to live in the inner city, but I must agree with 吉格莱克 那 您r 文章 is giving a distorted view of Calgary prices to many other readers. 当我 said previously, one CAN live in a lovely starter condo for about $200,000 in Calgary 和 still be close enough to the city center 那 多伦多nians would blush to have it so good in their own city. BTW, I have lived in Varsity (as a working adult) for over 2 decades. The commute to downtown by bus 和 train (or even by bike in nice weather) is fast 和 easy. And I have never owned a car.

  • 一年前,我和我的男朋友在卡尔加里郊区购买了第一座联排别墅。让我震惊的是他们愿意借给我的钱。我赚了可观的收入(什么都不是,但很稳定),并且在没有男朋友的情况下也享有良好的信誉’的收入,他们愿意借给我超过60万美元,我吓了一跳就逃走了。“但是利率这么低” they would cry! And when I ran the math with higher interest rates, I actually had to sit down. Why would they ever suggest such high loans! We also stepped away from high bidding wars, watching people dump $ after $ to something was clearly getting way over valued for the area. We ended up buying with 20% down, a healthy emergency fund in our back pocket 和 cost of housing under 25% of our income, as well as a place 那 is well managed 和 where we could get insurance for special assessments.


  • 我现在还是要买房子还是要等待以节省更多的钱,这也是一个两难选择。到目前为止’节省更多。还有我’m急于承担房主的责任,例如割草,冬季除雪,一般保养以及必须缴纳财产税。至于现在’我不急着买房。

    • 阿们!我认为增加的维护通常只是纯粹的时间成本,而不用担心金钱成本。我喜欢不用支付房租来修理东西的奢侈品— ie. we will 需要 a new dishwasher soon, 和 I’m so glad 那’不会从我的口袋里出来的!

  • 此处的功能非常强大。我的一个朋友最近在家里买了东西,然后继续说我和我的伴侣很愚蠢,比他们不考虑也不要买一个人幸运的是。好吧,我们不是’t. And we won’t be. For a lot of reasons, including the ones 您 explicitly laid out here. renters ftw!

    • Amen! It totally depends on 您r personal financial situation 和 the housing market 您 live in…不幸的是,太多的人只是盲目相信房屋所有权作为一项可靠的财务计划,他们可以’不能想象它会出错(并且它可能会真的非常错)

  • Wow, those prices make me want to pass out. I live in Texas in a town with a population of 120,000. Our 3/2, 1500sf home was $130,000 和 那 included upgraded granite counter tops, tile throughout the house 和 other things we would consider aesthetically pleasing 和 a very nice, livable home. For us, it really was better to buy. A 3/2 decent apartment or rent house here would be the same or more than our monthly mortgage. My parents live a couple of miles just outside of town on 5 acres 和 their home is valued at $185,000. I am also amazed when watching House Hunters 那 some are looking for a home with a budget of $600,000….blows my mind!

  • 我现在住的地方(俄勒冈州波特兰),买房子更有意义。两年前,我和我丈夫以22万美元的1800平方英尺3房2.5浴室的价格住了5%。我们的1300美元付款(包括令人恐惧的pmi)比我们为我们的2卧室1浴公寓支付的费用增加了约400美元/月。

    Merely two years later, though, 和 the apartment we were renting goes for $1600+. The renting market here is so unreasonably inflated 那 we legit cannot afford to sell our house 和 rent again. Plus, a house on our block just sold for 60k more than we paid two years ago.

    我知道市场赢了’t stay 那 way forever, but in a place where rent is overvalued, I’很高兴我的抵押贷款付款在未来几年内变化很小(当完成pmi时,每月下降近100美元)。




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